Designing Integrated Label and Forms

Designing Integrated Label and Forms

Integrated Label and Forms

Integrated labels and forms have proven to be invaluable to businesses looking to streamline their shipping processes. Using integrated labels allows you to combine your packing slip/invoice and shipping label in one easy step. Consumers and businesses both benefit from the use of integrated labels in forms.

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What are Integrated Labels?

Integrated labels are created using a patch of adhesive that is applied to the back of a printed sheet of paper. To create the required label size, the sheet face is die-cut, and then the adhesive is applied behind the label. The size of the document is the only restriction on the label area’s size. If required, this method can be used to generate multiple labels simultaneously.

Applying a specific transfer liner element to the back of the label region results in an integrated label being produced in the lower-left corner. The freshly generated label can be erased thanks to the die-cutting on the visage.

Integrated label design can increase productivity and lower the chance of labeling errors. In most cases, integrated labels are placed at the opposing end of the form’s input stream. In this case, the paper is placed into the print head of the printer first. Unevenly piled layers of liner material will be utilized to create the label. The feed end, however, rests flat and enables accurate insertion in the printer system because it is devoid of an integrated component.

How Integrated Labels Can Help Businesses

Different industries rely on integrated labels, such as e-commerce vendors, stores, businesses, factories, and hospitals, to name a few. The labels can be used as barcode labels, marketing labels, pharmacy labels, and product return labels, in addition to being utilized as shipping labels.

There are other options available that could be used for a related purpose. The label in the lower corner might be used as a return label, while the “ship to” part could be used as the shipping label. The manufacturer or supplier may include an integrated label with the exact mailing address of their accounting department if they anticipate a return payment, which could expedite the payment procedure.

Integrated Label Design Options

As digital innovation advances, several user-friendly software solutions have emerged that make it simple and effective for those who aren’t designers to traverse the world of label production. Some of the most common design software systems include:

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Suite is a good choice for people who are ready to explore more sophisticated design tools. Although it is more expensive and has a steeper learning curve, it incorporates photo editing, page layout features, and vector creation that makes it perfect for designing detailed, opulent label designs.


Canva is a user-friendly design platform with numerous templates and tools creating layouts, altering photos, and creating graphics. Its drag-and-drop flexibility and wide selection of design features make it a fantastic option for novice designers, even though some of the more sophisticated templates require extra fees.


Visme is an intuitive online label maker where you can start from scratch or with a professionally made template. It provides a wide range of label templates in addition to great design materials. Additionally, you can completely edit your labels, including the colors, icons, text, and photographs, to make sure that they properly reflect your business’s brand.

While these are popular design software choices, what works best for you will depend on your unique needs and experience.

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