About Tamarack

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Tamarack Products was founded in 1969 and is a leading global manufacturer of specialized equipment used in the packaging, label and business form industries.
Recognized worldwide for providing high-quality machinery, Tamarack designs and manufactures systems for inline film/window patching, RFID inlay insertion systems, web finishing equipment and more.

We offer more than 50 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing
patching, gluing, and die cutting equipment that adds value with elements such as RFID inlay insertion, see-through windows in envelopes and cartons, and adding cards and labels to business forms.

The Tamarack Difference

When you have a specialized project that requires high quality with a high level of automation to create specialized cartons, labels, or forms, put Tamarack’s experience to work for you. Our history of satisfied customers comes from decades of providing exceptional service with responsiveness to our customer needs, customized solutions, and high-quality, precision equipment. We make sure that your equipment is up and running to your specifications with on-site installation, training, and service.

Tamarack takes pride in our highly skilled staff dedicated to building precision machinery and equipment that meets our customers’ unique needs. We invest in our staff with ongoing training, personal development and appreciation which contributes to our low turnover and longevity of skilled employees and technicians.

Tamarack Products provides custom-engineered patching and labeling systems with vast experience in manufacturing equipment that precisely cuts pieces from a roll of material, then places that material on another substrate to add value–equipment known as “patching equipment”. Our machinery and equipment can be integrated with your current equipment process to streamline operations while adding value to end products that require see-through film (windows), packing slips with peel-off return label/form combinations, RFID labels and tags, and more.

Experience the Tamarack difference and all the benefits that come with high-quality, reliable, and efficient equipment including higher productivity and profitability. Create your custom products quicker, with consistent quality and improved profit with Tamarack’s in-depth industry expertise and commitment to excellence.

Custom Application Solutions

Application Solutions: Packaging, Labels, Forms

Tamarack equipment is used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Packaging industry: patching windows on folding cartons; affixing susceptor patches for microwave products; affixing RFID inlays to bags, cartons, and shipping cases.
  • Label industry: affixing RFID inlays to produce RFID labels, tags, and tickets.
  • Business Forms/Direct Mail industries: affixing transfer tapes, clean release materials and laminates to produce integral cards, integral labels, and other affixed forms products; applying patterned adhesives to produce pressure-seal mailers and specialty products.

Our machinery may be integrated in-line with your existing printing press with the P500, inline with your folder/gluer with the Tamarack Vista, or completely offline like the Versa-Web SE or Vista on Mobile Module. The Tamarack Vista is typically installed in-line on carton folder-gluers to window folding cartons in a single pass but can also be operated offline with the Tamarack Mobile Module. The P500 RFID is installed in-line on flexo presses for single pass production of RFID labels and tickets. Tamarack affixing, gluing and die-cutting equipment is also available off-line to provide convenient secondary finishing for business forms and direct mail integral cards, affixed magnets, scratch-offs, and other value-added products.

Tamarack equipment is often integrated with existing production lines or processes to achieve cost-effective production. Servo-driven and modular, Tamarack equipment is easily integrated and operator-friendly. We work with you, adapting the equipment as your products and markets evolve. Flexibility is important, Tamarack equipment is produced for multi-shift, long-life operation and historically remains productive throughout decades of use.

Tamarack’s effective customer service and engineering are available to back you up, every step of the way, now and in the future.

Integrated And Modular To Grow With Your Business

Customer Testimonials

Tamarack is a GREAT partner!

I’ve worked with Tamarack on a very complex, custom implementation and they were GREAT partners.

Rob Mayerson
A leading direct mail printing company

You won’t find a better built piece of machinery in the market

We have been a customer since 2008. You won’t find a better built piece of machinery in the market. The technical support is thorough and timely. When service was required the technicians in the field were professional and knowledgeable.

Bill Karl

Tamarack Products is set apart from other specialized, web finishing and patching equipment manufacturers with our superior, precision machinery coupled with an experienced, high-tech staff. We offer high-quality equipment coupled with exceptional customer service for your process success and total satisfaction. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about Tamarack’s integrated and customized patching equipment solutions.