Tamarack Versa Web SE Offline Integral Labeling Equipment

Tamarack Versa Web SE Offline Integral Labeling Equipment

The Versa Web® SE offline integral labeling machine produces integral or integrated forms, labels, and cards, and affixes scratch-off, magnet, label, hologram and other roll-fed materials to business forms, direct mail, and promotional products.

  • Speeds up to 500 ft/min (150 m/min)
  • 19″ (480 mm) web width for one- or two-wide production
  • Excellent +/- 1/32″ (.8 mm) registration accuracy; patches can be positioned close to perforations or form edges
  • No cut-off cylinder changes
  • Hot melt system option coats release liner with pressure-sensitive adhesive, resulting in low cost integral label production
  • SE Transport system available with pin tractor or pinless (low tension) configurations
  • Peel system available to affix plastic cards and other liner-fed products.


  • Additional modules available for specialty gluing, die cutting, or affixing
  • Configurations available for use inline on press with the Versa Web P500
  • Custom engineering for specific production requirements available

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The Versa-Web SE is a modular offline integral labeling equipment utilizing servo-drive technology to provide quick set-up for short run jobs and high productivity for long run operations. Integral labels produced with tape or hot melt adhesive provide solutions for all run lengths and integral cards with face and back laminates are produced in a single pass for added efficiency.

Tamarack Products is a leading manufacturer of offline web finishing equipment used for creating integral (integrated) label and card forms and to add other products to a continuous web such as magnets, windows or scratch-off features. These roll-fed materials are added to promotional products, direct mailings, and business forms. The Tamarack Versa-Web® SE is designed, engineered, and manufactured for reliable, high-volume, long-lasting performance.

Versa-Web SE Offline Integral Labeling Equipment

Tamarack’s Versa Web SE offline integral labeling equipment utilizes advanced Servo drive technology with our proven patching and die-cutting technology. This provides increased performance over other types of web finishing equipment with precision accuracy, high-speed, and quick job set-up for maximum efficiency and productivity on all jobs of various run lengths.

Customized Web Finishing Equipment

The Versa Web SE offline web finishing machine offers an innovative design that allows for easy customization from our experienced design and engineering team. We know that one size does not fit all, and we customize the features you need to optimize your process for maximum efficiency and high-quality precision. Some web finishing processes require cutting and gluing, some require one or the other. With Tamarack Products, you can have it your way as we customize your web finishing equipment to meet your needs and specifications.

Modular Web Finishing Equipment

The modular design provides scalability to meet your web finishing needs now and in the future. Every component is assembled as a module with independent Servo-drive technology, allowing for customization on the base to meet production specifications such as application of multiple patches with differing properties or two-sided die cutting.

Enjoy versatility with the patch application unit that can cut and affix a wide range of roll-fed materials from thin labels to thick magnet products. With Tamarack’s Quick Change Bars you can adjust height and pressure in the cutting cylinder quickly for fast changeovers and maximum productivity.

The Hot Melt Coating System reduces costs by applying a pressure-sensitive adhesive to make integral labels. Another optional component for the Versa-Web SE is an integral card turn bar system that laminates front and back in a single pass. All systems include a die cut unit with adjustable cutting depth and an easy operator interface with touchscreen for convenient, easy to reach controls.

Versa-Web SE Integral Labeling Applications

Tamarack’s Versa Web SE integral labeling equipment provides solutions to direct mailing companies and the business forms industry with integral (integrated) label and card forms. Additionally, you can create windshield stickers, integral magnets, scratch-off patches, clean-release cards and more. Tamarack customizes your equipment to meet your application needs.

Tamarack has more than 50 years of experience in providing high-quality, robust web finishing equipment that delivers long-lasting performance. We customize solutions to the direct mail, label and forms industries to meet your production and application needs. Contact us to learn more about our innovative web finishing solutions with the Versa-Web SE offline integral labeling equipment.

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  1. Bill Karl, Production Manager Bradley Graphic Solutions, PA

    We have been a customer since 2008. You won’t find a better built piece of machinery in the market. The technical support is thorough and timely. When service was required the technicians in the field were professional and knowledgeable.

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