Printing Integrated Forms & Label Applications

Printing Integrated Forms & Label Applications

here are many variations of integrated forms, although all have something in common, which is the application of a liner type of material, such as transfer tape, that is applied to the back of a sheet. A die-cutting process is then performed on the face of the sheet to allow for the removal of a label or card. The combination of two print processes into one single application provides value with a streamlined process.

Integrated Forms and Labels Streamline Printing Processes

Companies print labels for a number of reasons, often in various locations of a facility. Shipping documents are often printed in one location, and shipping labels are printed in another. Two separate processes leave room for error and discrepancies. An integrated labeling system allows for the printing of both documents at once, which increases efficiency and accuracy.

Integrated labels are often the best solution for many applications, including shipping, mailing, product identification, and customer service issues like returned goods. An affixed label is often the best solution. Printing an integrated label allows for printing multiple labels and satisfying multiple labeling requirements simultaneously with one single document.

Integrated Labels Provide Solutions for Many Industries and Applications

Many industries and applications benefit from the use of integrated labels, such as:

      • Manufacturing
      • Order fulfillment
      • 3PL companies
      • Labels for returns or exchanges
      • Coupons and advertisements
      • Gift cards or messages
      • Pharmaceutical requirements
      • Social media promotions
      • Inventory and warehousing applications

Integrated labels provide efficient labeling processes for these applications and many others, with a number of value-added features. For example, security measures can be included to add authentication with security lamination. Companies can also include brand logos and colors to face laminates to enhance brand recognition.

Integrated Labeling Equipment Provides Printing Solutions

Many of the applications listed above benefit from integrated labeling equipment, whether performing their label printing in-house or outsourcing to a printing company. Tamarack® Products offers a solution with the Versa Web P500 In-Line Integrated Labeling Machine. Tamarack’s Versa Web P500 is servo driven for simple operation and integration with current web printing equipment, typically installed after the printing stations and prior to the finishing station.

The Versa Web P500 quickly and accurately affixes transfer tapes to laminates for the production of integrated labels, forms, and cards to easily affix various materials such as scratch-off patches, holograms, or windows. Enjoy high-speed accuracy with speeds up to 500 ft/minute (150m/minute) and excellent patch registration accuracy with +/- 1/32”. Easily produce integrated labels in various sizes up to 13 inches (330 mm) or 20 inches (508 mm) wide. Tamarack excels at providing flexible and modular solutions, including integrated labeling with single or multiple wide patch affixing.

Tamarack’s Versa Web P500 can be customized to meet specific production requirements, and offline configurations are available. The option to upgrade for RFID inlay insertion is available. Enjoy flexibility with the use of transfer tape, which is economical for short runs, or hot melt glue, which is the most cost-effective option for high-volume and integral label production.

Tamarack’s Versa Web P500 integrated labeling equipment efficiently and economically produces in-line integrated labels of all sizes, providing solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. Tamarack is set apart from other web finishing equipment suppliers with our modular design and custom features, as well as the technical expertise of our staff. Contact us to learn more about improving your label printing process with integrated labeling equipment solutions.


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