Printing Integrated Forms with Barcodes

Printing Integrated Forms with Barcodes

Integrated labels are basically a form that serves two purposes, that includes information the form needs to contain as well as a label embedded into the form that can be removed and used for another purpose. Forms and labels with barcodes provide significant improvements in efficiency, with workers able to scan a document quickly instead of manually keying in multiple data points.

Integrated Labels Improve Efficiency

Many companies utilize integrated labels with barcodes for various processes, such as combining shipping documents and shipping labels into one document. Many companies use integrated labels in their manufacturing process to keep track of products or components as they are moved throughout the production lifecycle. One of the most common applications of integrated labels is to combine a packing slip and shipping document. Manufacturers can print one form, which can be placed into the box with packaging information while the label is peeled off and adhered to the box for shipping details, with one quick scan of the barcode revealing all pertinent information. This saves companies a lot of time without the need to print packing slips and shipping documents twice, typically from two different locations, and saves more time with the ability to scan a barcode.

Integrated labels with barcodes considerably improve efficiencies by performing two printing processes at the same time, which improves internal efficiencies as well as accuracy. By printing both documents at once, all information coincides, and there is no chance for error as could occur when printing two documents separately. Integrated labels with barcodes could be used anywhere that a form and label are used together for one manufacturing or order fulfillment purpose.

Where Are Integrated Labels Used?

The use of integrated labels is on the rise as companies are realizing the benefits of the efficient processes they provide and improvements to quality. Some of the most common applications that utilize integrated labels include:

    • Manufacturing and production processes
    • Order fulfillment and 3 PL applications
    • Shipping and packaging documents
    • Invoices where a return label may be necessary
    • Mail order companies
    • Food and beverage companies
    • Government and legal processes
    • Warehousing and distribution centers
    • Healthcare and pharmaceutical applications such as prescription labels

Integrated labels improve efficient operations in these applications and others, saving valuable time and improving quality with accurate record keeping. Integrated labels are common in the transportation and logistics industry, although the use of integrated forms and labels is increasing for these applications and many others.

Integrated Label Production Solutions

Producing integrated labels is quick and easy with the Versa Web P500 inline integrated labeling machine from Tamarack® Products. The P500 is servo driven and easily affixes laminates and transfer tapes to produce integrated forms, cards, and labels. Adding scratch-off materials are holograms for promotional products is simple, as well as affixing windows. Tamarack’s P500 provides excellent registration with +/- 1/32” (.8mm) and is available in 13” or 20” widths.

Options with Tamarack’s Versa Web P500 include customizing special web paths and production requirements with offline configurations available. Our flexible equipment design and engineering allow our web finishing equipment to grow with our customers’ business, adapting to growth with modular solutions. The P500 provides in-line integrated labeling solutions to many industries and applications, such as direct mailings, business forms, flexible, folding, and corrugated carton industries. Our integrated labeling equipment provides cutting-edge modularity with an upgradable platform for scalable solutions designed to grow with your business.

Tamarack is an industry leader providing machinery and equipment solutions to web finishing processes such as window patching and integrated label production. We are recognized worldwide for our high level of technical expertise and excel in providing custom-designed solutions for our customers. Contact us to learn more about integrated label production and the versa Web P500 in-line integrated labeling machine.


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