Why Single Pass RFID Insertion Is More Efficient & Cost Effective

Why Single Pass RFID Insertion Is More Efficient & Cost Effective

Radio frequency identification, RFID, is gaining popularity in North America as a method to streamline many applications. RFID technology improves efficiencies when managing inventory and tracking items throughout the entire product lifecycle from production, to inventory, to on-the-shelf displays.

RFID inlay insertion systems help packaging companies to incorporate RFID technology in their products, and single-pass, RFID inlay insertion systems provide big benefits.

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Single-Pass RFID Insertion Improves Job Cycle Times

According to an article published by Packaging World, Jet Label and Packaging, a Canadian-based producer of printed tape and labels, is realizing big benefits with an RFID inlay application system from Tamarack® Products installed on their existing flexographic press.

The single-pass RFID inlay insertion allows for a quick opening of label stock ready for RFID inlay with subsequent relamination during the finishing processes, all performed with high-speed precision. Jet Label and Packaging’s new system provides verification of the RFID functionality with an RFID reader after the die-cutting process.

Tamarack’s single-pass RFID insertion equipment was chosen due to the “profiling” motion that allows for increased speeds of insertion with smooth inlay feeding. This comprehensive single-pass line configuration eliminates multiple production steps for significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. The system can be used for many industries and applications, such as industrial and pharmaceutical packaging processes.

Jet Label & Packaging, Ltd states that the faster turnaround times will immediately impact their customers by streamlining the labeling and printing process. Combining various features and capabilities streamlines their processes with the expedient and precise operation.

Tamarack’s Single-Pass Inlay Insertion Equipment

The P500 RFID Inlay Insertion Equipment produces RFID tags, tickets, and labels in a single pass on your existing or new flexo press. The P500 RFID is typically installed before the finishing section and after the press print stations. Tamarack’s P500 RFID allows for low cost, dry inlays and wet inlay insertion available, along with quick and easy setup and user-friendly controls.

Converting smart labels in line is simple with Tamarack’s P 500 RFID and provides high-speed efficiency up to 500 ft./m with reliable precision accuracy. Easily affects RFID inlays with exceptional registration and affix roadside materials with a rotary, vacuum cylinder process.

Tamarack® Products is recognized worldwide for providing high-quality, high-speed finishing equipment for converters that aids the packaging industry, as well as the forms and label-making market. Tamarack differs from other finishing equipment manufacturers with our deep technical knowledge and responsiveness to customer needs. We customize your equipment to meet your exact specifications and provide modular scalability to grow with your business.

Tamarack® Products is an industry leader providing finishing solutions for converters and packaging companies worldwide. We offer high quality, high precision equipment with simple operation and quick and easy setup. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the many benefits of single-pass RFID inlay insertion.