Benefits of RFID Technology for Packaging Companies

Benefits of RFID Technology for Packaging Companies

Benefits of RFID Technology

Radio-Frequency Identification, RFID, is utilized in a wide range of industries and applications to provide real-time, accurate tracking for retail items, inventory, assets, even people and animals. RFID technology provides many benefits over traditional location tracking systems, including manual pen and paper, computerized spreadsheets, and barcode scanning systems.

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How Does RFID Technology Work?

The main components of RFID tracking systems include an RFID tag, label, or ticket, an RFID reader, and antenna to gather and interpret the data. RFID systems operate wirelessly without the need to scan items with a direct line of sight, such as a barcode scanning system. RFID systems have the ability to read several tags simultaneously as opposed to scanning items individually. The technology provides many advantages to a wide range of industries, including packaging companies.

Packaging companies that want to provide RFID technology to their customers can easily create RFID tags or labels to help their customers seamlessly manage their products.

Benefits of RFID Technology

Automating asset tracking with RFID technology provides many benefits and many packaging companies are offering RFID solutions for their customers. By including RFID technology and packages, companies can experience many benefits. Some of the most important advantages realized with RFID packages include:

    • Reduced costs – companies save expenses with less labor required to track inventory whether in the warehouse, in transit, or on the shelf. RFID technology allows for the automatic monitoring of goods without the labor required to keep track of items in various locations.
    • Reduces loss and theft – tracking items with RFID systems dramatically reduces the likelihood of theft of assets or lost items with real-time location information. Depending on the industry, theft can have a serious impact on a company’s profitability. RFID technology can help to protect assets and a company’s bottom line.
    • Maximize workplace efficiency – companies operate much more efficiently with RFID tracking systems in place without the need for manual labor to keep track of inventory and with real-time location information of all tracked products and items.
    • Provides a good return on investment – implementing RFID technology typically provides a quick return on investment with savings in labor, reduced theft, and increased efficiency.
    • Implementing RFID technology in packages provides these benefits and many others with the ability to track multiple assets in real time and eliminate the need for human intervention. Packaging companies looking to provide RFID technology for their customers require the use of an RFID inlay insertion system.

RFID Inlay Insertion Systems

Packaging converters rely on RFID inlay insertion equipment such as the P500 RFID Inlay Insertion Equipment by Tamrack® Products. The P500 RFID provides simple integration with your press with servo-driven technology and is typically installed before the finishing section but after the print stations. Tamarack’s P500 provides a quick setup and a simple web path to allow packaging converters to include RFID technology quickly and easily.

Tamarack® Products is recognized as a leader in the industry of finishing equipment with more than 50 years of experience. We design, engineer, and manufacture high-quality, customized finishing equipment to meet your specific needs with modular and scalable solutions. Contact us with any questions on the many benefits of implementing RFID inlay insertion technology with your packages or products.