Integrated Label Design Considerations

Integrated Label Design Considerations


The introduction of integrated label production has had a huge impact on business operations by providing efficiency of shipments and returns and proving to be beneficial to companies of any size. Integrated labels combine a shipping label with a document, such as an invoice, either through affixing the label and document together or by use of a document substrate.

Integrated Label Design

Integrated labels are produced by adhering an area of adhesive to the rear of a sheet of printed paper. The sheet’s face is die-cut to generate the desired label size, while adhesive is placed behind the label. The only limitation on the extent of the label area is the document’s size. Multiple labels can be produced at once using this process if necessary.

In the lower-left corner, an integrated label is created by applying a particular transfer liner material to the rear of the label area. The visage is die-cut so that the newly created label can be removed. Integrated label formatting can reduce the risk of mislabeling and improve efficiency. Integrated labels are typically positioned at the opposite end of the form input path. In this instance, the document is first inserted into the printer’s print head. The sheets of the liner material used to produce the label will be stacked unevenly. However, because the feed end lacks an integrated component, it lies flat and permits precise loading in the printer system.


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Affixed Design Labels

Affixed design labels permit the user to choose from a broader variety of label face materials. Hard-wearing materials are frequently used when durability or long-lasting life is required. A variety of adhesives, including static cling, repositionable, and tire adhesive, may also be available for affixed labels. Normal formats for affixed labels include laser cut sheet, continuous, and unit set, where the label adheres to the front of the document. Affixed labels are typically used for laser-cut sheets where the label is affixed to the outside of the document.

Occasionally, two additional formats are used called dual web. The dual web is a process that uses a glue line to join a label stock web with a continuous web. The second form employs a full sheet of label stock as one layer in a multi-part form. This is typically reserved for jobs that require a large label or large sheet of multiple labels.

Customers Who Use Integrated Labels

Integrated label applications may be utilized by small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Frequently, stock formats utilized in software-compatible forms can be transformed into incorporated label designs with no modification to print locations or mapping. Integrated label designs are optimal for shipping multiple components in a single box to a single location, so they may be used by retailers with large distribution centers.

Integrated labeling solutions are extensively used in industries such as healthcare, where patient care is monitored through barcode labels. Additional customers could include:

    • Packaging/Shipping industry
    • Lab Testing
    • Companies using return labels or decals
    • Retailers
    • Shipping documents
    • Invoice labels
    • Return labels
    • Packing slips
    • Pharmaceutical labels
    • Bullet labels
    • Dispatch labels
    • Promotional labels
    • Multiple labels are permissible in both integrated and affixed formats.

    Benefits of Integrated Label Design

    There are additional alternatives that could be utilized for a comparable purpose. The “ship to” section could be used as the shipping label, while the label in the lower corner could be used as a return label. If the manufacturer or supplier expected a return payment, they could incorporate an integrated label with their accounting department’s precise mailing address. This could help expedite the payment process.

    Companies that specialize in the fulfillment of gift orders could benefit from integrated labels by incorporating a shipping label with a card containing a special message or greeting for the recipient.

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