Die Cut Adhesives in Converting 101

Die Cut Adhesives in Converting 101

Die Cut Adhesives

Die cutting is a process used in different industries to perform cutting applications with a die, a shear tool, to cut through different substrates and materials. Die cutting is used to cut repeatedly perfect, identical shapes through many different materials, including metals, foils, cardboard, paper, paper stock, cloth, rubber, and more. Die cutting in the converting industry is used to cut identical shapes for creating cartons, folding cartons, integrated labels, and other packaging or forms-related materials.

Many die-cutting applications require the use of an adhesive, such as pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes or gluing processes to hold materials in place during cutting and to create multi-layered products.

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Die Cutting Machinery and Equipment

There are different types of die-cutting machines with different requirements, advantages, and disadvantages.

Flatbed Die Cutting

Flatbed is also called clamshell or platen and uses a press to stamp out shapes. Flatbed is advantageous for lower volume quantity jobs, when using thicker materials or larger dies.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting cuts out identical shapes with a cylindrical tool on a rotary press. Rotary dies can cut small parts, and make creases or perforations with precision for tight tolerance jobs.

Compound Die Cutting

Compound die-cutting implements more than one operation during the die-cutting cycle, performing multiple steps in one pass.

Match Metal Die Cutting

This involves cutting materials as they pass through a die with a top and bottom half for high-precision cutting and is typically only used in high-volume production runs.

Punch Press Cutting

Punch press dies cutting provides advantages with high productivity and high speed as material runs through a press powered by a hydraulic ram that die cuts the material.

Multilayer Laminations with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

Multilayer laminations are possible by applying pressure-sensitive adhesive in between multiple layers, such as a bottom liner, a foam barrier, mesh, top layers, pull tabs, etc. Custom applications of adhesives are applied in targeted zones for lamination to the material during the die-cutting process.

Precise converting equipment that provides accurate die cutting and gluing helps converters to meet packaging requirements efficiently and with high quality. Die cutting allows for such as kiss cutting, where a Rotary die cutter can cut the material with such precision as to go through only a top layer and leave a bottom layer intact. This is often used to leave a liner attached to the bottom.

Perforation die cutting is used in many applications and provides innovative solutions to corrugated, folding cartons, forms, and label-making industries.

Tamarack® Offers Die Cutting Converting Solutions

Tamarack® Products offers die-cutting solutions to converting companies and packaging processors. Founded in 1969, Tamarack offers more than 50 years of experience as a leading global manufacturer of specialized equipment used in the business form, label, and packaging industries. Tamarack is recognized worldwide for delivering high precision, high-quality machinery and equipment for in-line window, film patching, web finishing equipment, RFID inlay insertion systems, and more.

Tamarack® Products offers flexible, scalable, and customized converting equipment solutions, including die cutting, gluing, window patching, and more. We differ from other converting equipment suppliers with our technical expertise and services, including installation, testing, and training. Contact us with any questions and learn more about improving your die-cutting and converting applications.


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