Corrugated Cardboard Printing & Converting

Corrugated Cardboard Printing & Converting

Corrugated Cardboard Printing

Packaging today is a complex process that serves more than one purpose. A box delivers a lot more than the items inside, with the difference in the detail to provide what matters most – customer appeal at the point of sale. Corrugated, cardboard, and paper converting is transforming the way packaging is designed, manufactured, and used.

Packaging and folding carton processes today must meet continually evolving consumer demands with increased productivity while maintaining repeatable quality standards. Today’s box makers are taking a whole new approach to corrugated cardboard printing and converting.

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The Power of Consumer Choice

Consumers drive the packaging market in many ways, with brand loyalty and a demand for sustainable practices, including waste reduction and conservation of natural resources. Flexible and folding carton packaging must meet many requirements to provide protection for the products inside, to meet marketing demands and consumer appeal, and all with sustainable operations. Efficient folding carton production methods are mandatory to meet all of these goals, as package makers require excellent performance from converting equipment at a reasonable cost.

Package production companies require solutions for creating a wide variety of package types, such as:

      • Standard folding cartons
      • Flexible packaging
      • Hybrid packaging
      • Multi-pack cartons
      • Strength packaging
      • Enhanced packaging

The ability to produce a variety of package types efficiently with precision printing, die-cutting, folding, and gluing is critical to a package maker’s success.

Tamarack works closely with packaging converting companies to develop and provide world-class corrugated converting solutions. Our equipment is used by packaging companies to produce engaging, eye-catching displays with modular inline and offline converting solutions.

Graphics Printing with Flexo Press

Enhancing packaging with graphics increases brand recognition and loyalty in retail markets. Printing and converting companies most often utilize flexographic printing equipment to provide high-quality and precision with cost-efficient printing solutions. Flexographic printing allows for multiple colors, precision graphics, and versatile converting processes, including the use of UV coatings. Working with an experienced provider of converting equipment will help packaging companies to achieve the best in printing and corrugated converting quality.

Tamarack® Products Offers Carton Windowing Equipment Solutions

Tamarack® Products offers solutions to the corrugated printing and converting industry with quality equipment like the Vista® Window Patcher in-line window patching equipment and the Versa Web P500 inline integrated labeling equipment on a Flexo press.

Tamarack’s Vista® Window Patcher installs on specialized web finishing lines on existing equipment, providing modular windowing solutions to the folding carton industry. We help companies to take a new approach to carton windowing with extremely efficient window patching solutions for short-run or high-volume jobs. We make it easy to redefine the possibilities in your packaging production process with the precision application of windows, liners, patches, and more.

Tamarack’s Versa Web P500 integrated labeling machine provides labeling solutions with in-line application of adhesive-coated liners or transfer tape for the direct-mail, label, and forms industries. Enjoy high precision and high efficiency with die cutting on a flexographic press, customized to meet specific job requirements and engineered for scalability.

Tamarack® Products offers more than 50 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality in-line and offline web finishing equipment, including window patching solutions, RFID inlay insertion, and more. We differ from other finishing and converting equipment suppliers with our technical expertise and exceptional service, including installation, testing, and training. Contact us to learn more about improving your corrugated cardboard and printing converting application.


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