Types Of Packaging Die Cutting Machines

Types Of Packaging Die Cutting Machines

Die Cutting Machines

Die cutting industries machines are used in many different industries to perform a variety of cutting, forming, and shaping different materials and substrates. Die-cutting machines are used in the packaging industry to cut and shape various types of corrugated and cardboard.

Manual Versus Automatic Die Cutting Machines

There are different types of die-cutting machines and the majority of die-cutters today are automatic instead of manual. Manual die-cutting processes are labor-intensive, slow, and tedious, while automatic die-cutters are efficient and result in higher productivity. Two of the most popular types of die-cutting machines for packaging are flatbed and rotary die-cutting machines.

Die Cutting for Package Making

Die cutting is an important part of the package-making process and web finishing applications where basic packaging or decorative boxes are created in one pass. The packaging industry uses die-cutting machines incorporated with folders, gluers, and printers to create custom boxes and packaging.

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Flatbed Die Cutting Machines

Flatbed die-cutting machines are also called platen or clamshell, as the die is in a fixed position while a plate is pressed into the die to cut the predetermined shape. Flatbed die-cutting machines can be controlled by hydraulic, electric, manual, or pressurized sources.

  • Flatbed die-cutting advantages:
  • Ability to cut large pieces of material
  • Cuts thin or thick materials, roles, and sheets
  • More affordable than rotary die-cutting machines
  • Cuts shapes close together to reduce material waste

Flatbed die-cutting disadvantages:

  • Takes longer to set up
  • Slower operation than rotary, less efficient
  • Less precision than rotary provides
  • Cannot do lamination, perforation, or printing

Flatbed die-cutting machines are efficient for various projects with different shapes, particularly for low-volume jobs or where the curvature of material is not required.

Rotary Die Cutting Machines

Rotary die-cutting machines work well on thicker corrugated and cardboards and feature a cylindrical die. A series of accurate and fast cuts are made as sheets of material are fed through the machine.

Rotary die-cutting advantages:

  • Multifunctional to laminate, perforate, and print
  • Performs kiss cutting to leave any paper backing intact and cut through front material with high precision
  • Performs higher precision cutting and flatbed
  • Increases productivity and reduces material waste

Rotary die-cutting disadvantages:

  • Cannot cut dense and thick materials as well
  • Can only cut material on rolls, not on sheets
  • Set up, dies, and tooling are more costly than flatbed die cutters
  • Narrower working with than flatbed, cannot cut wide materials

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