Cold Transfer for Narrow Web Flexo Printing

Cold Transfer for Narrow Web Flexo Printing

Narrow Web Flexo Printin

Cold foil transfer is used in narrow web printing processes in flexographic printing and can also be used in sheet-fed offset printing. Sheet-fed offset printing is typically used for commercial print jobs such as wet adhesive labels, magazines or to finish folding boxes. Narrow web printing is becoming more and more popular for folding boxes and is also used for tube laminates and paper labels. Cold foil transfer is mainly used in narrow web printing for self-adhesive labels, typically in plastic material of polypropylene or polyethylene.

Metallic Foils in Gold, Silver, and Holographic Designs with Flexo Printing

Cold foil transfer for narrow web printing can easily be integrated into an in-line printing process.Cold foil technology allows for the simple and quick application of metallic foils in gold, silver, or other shades and holographic designs. Web-fed foils enhance narrow web printing processes and are compatible with UV-curable coatings, varnishes, and paints.

Cold foiling application technology is typically used with flexographic printing and UV-curing adhesives. An adhesive is applied with an anilox roller to the substrate, which must be adjusted based on the absorbency of the substrate in use. Flexographic printing allows for precise control of the adhesive application by adjusting the scoop volume and the anilox roller engraving type.

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The cold transfer web is applied immediately following the adhesive application with a press roll. The UV adhesive is then cured with exposure to UV radiation as the substrate finishes through the process. With narrow web flexographic printing, products can be overprinted in many different colors with an inline finishing application, achieving numerous individual metallic foils and effects.

Cold foil transfer allows for innovative printing solutions with a variety of metallic foils to enhance many printing processes with an upscale look, beauty, and elegance created with a highly efficient narrow web printing process. Cold transfer foiling has significantly increased the spectrum of web finishing design possibilities. Metallic gloss designs can be achieved quickly with an efficient process not achievable in the past.

Cold Foil Transfer Markets and Applications

Many market industries and segments benefit from cold transfer finishing with foil application in web printing. Some of the most common markets to use cold transfer foiling for added value include:

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Cosmetics
    • Toys
    • Personal care
    • Security products
    • Electronics
    • Food and beverage
    • Flexible packaging
    • Folding cartons
    • Self-adhesive labels for mailers and coated paper

Uncoated surfaces are not ideal for cold transfer as they are more absorbent, and finishers can have adhesion problems. Tube laminates may also utilize cold transfer but work better with a pretreatment method, such as a corona treatment, to improve adhesion. Surface tension of at least 38 dyne is preferable. Using a primer can also improve adhesion by reducing absorbency.

Speaking with an experienced web finishing equipment company can help finishers to understand their options.

Tamarack® Offers Inline Flexo Press Integrated Labeling Equipment

Tamarack® Products, web finishing equipment manufacturer, offers high-quality inline printing and finishing solutions with customized equipment designed to meet our customers’ specific application needs. The Versa Web P500 Inline integrated labeling system on Flexo Press offers integrated labeling solutions allowing for quick affixing of transfer laminates and tapes for integrated cards, labels, forms, scratch-off materials, holograms, and more. The P500 also provides window affixing and is servo driven for simple integration into your existing press.

Tamarack® is an industry-leading provider of inline and offline web finishing equipment, offering flexible and modular solutions and offline configurations available. We design, engineer, and manufacture high-precision, high-quality equipment used in the packaging, forms, and label industries, with decades of experience in patching, gluing, and die cutting. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about cold transfer foil, metallic, and hologram finishing.


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