Custom Packaging with Die Cut and Windowing

Custom Packaging with Die Cut and Windowing

Custom Packaging with Die Cut and Windowing

Companies today can design their packaging with just about as many possibilities as their imagination will allow. Custom die-cutting allows for unique package designs, and custom window patching allows brands to showcase their products to customers with see-through windows to entice purchasing decisions. Die-cutting and window patching accentuate products with custom designs, colors, and attributes for truly unique and effective merchandise packaging.

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Window Patching with Custom Die Cutting

Window patching is one of the best ways to make your product stand out and is highly effective for consumer appeal. Adding windows to boxes is performed with specialty window patching equipment and works together with custom die-cutting specific window shapes. Window patching provides a clear transparent look into the product inside while still providing protection against outer elements and damage. Various types of windows can be patched into boxes, such as rigid or flexible films, with various film materials to meet product specifications.

Window Patching and Other Finishing Options

In addition to patching Windows on boxes, other finishing options include foil stamping, embossing, cutouts, scratch-offs, and other custom features to enhance product packaging. Window patching and finishing can turn ordinary boxes into fancy display cases and attractive packaging. Window patching can be performed on boxes to hold one product, picture one cupcake box showcasing a beautifully decorated bakery item. Other window patching processes can include more than one diecut area for patching film windows to showcase a variety of items.

Custom die-cutting allows for custom window patching creation, and working with an experienced window patching equipment manufacturer is the best way to understand your full options.

Tamarack® Offers Custom Design Window Patching Equipment

Tamarack® Products is recognized as a leading manufacturer of specialty window patching equipment offering more than 50 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing in-line and off-line finishing equipment. We offer custom window patching and die-cutting solutions with vast capabilities, including:

  • Windows with custom and shaped die cuts
  • Folding cartons with traditional window patching
  • Folding carton with tear tape
  • Folding cartons with liners
  • Coupon insertion
  • RFID inlay insertion
  • Custom design and engineering

Tamarack’s Vista® Inline Window Patching Equipment

Tamarack® is a leading supplier of specialty online and offline finishing equipment, including the Vista® Inline Window Patching Equipment. The Vista provides in-line window patching solutions for both short-run and high-volume folding carton processes. Efficiently affixes windows, liners, susceptor patches, and more. With more than 50 years of experience, Tamarack is an industry-leading manufacturer of window patching equipment with customized design and engineering for scalable and modular solutions.

Tamarack’s Vista® window patcher features an instructional and user-friendly touchscreen for job entry and parameter recall. Features include excellent patch registration accuracy and neat glue lines with adhesive printed directly on the window film. Window patching solutions allow for reduced patch size, which saves material costs and efficient production at higher speeds. Combine carton windowing and gluing in a single pass by installing on existing or new folder gluers. Tamarack offers innovative equipment solutions which improve product quality and process efficiency, allowing customers to save on labor costs and floor space.

Tamarack® Products provide streamlined window patching operations with high quality and exceptional window registration for optimized speed and efficiency. We differ from other finishing equipment suppliers with our level of technical expertise, custom engineering capabilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about improving your carton folding application with custom window patching solutions.


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