Is RFID Viable For Your Business?

Is RFID Viable For Your Business?

Is RFID Viable For Your Business

When a business starts to use new technology to streamline its operation processes, it wants certainty that it will be viable and help the business remain successful. Sometimes, introducing a new technology can be unnerving because some variables and factors could cause the operations to slow down or be delayed.

RFID and Business Operations

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a cutting-edge technology that uses wireless communication and radio frequency waves to accurately track objects, people, or animals and collect, store, and transmit data. RFID tags can be read by a reader device that uses an antenna without the need to be in the line of sight of the object. This technology is widely used in the retail, pharmaceutical, shipping, and packaging industries, with other application uses available.

RFID Costs

Implementing an RFID system in your business operations will require some investment. It will take money, time, and some effort to ensure the RFID tracking system is functioning properly before you begin to see a return on your investment.

For a proper RFID system installation, you will need to invest in RFID tags, readers, and the appropriate hardware and software that can analyze and decipher the data that will be collected. It is important to note that when you select an RFID system for your business, whether you have a small or large company, it will require you to understand exactly what your business needs are so you can choose the correct RFID tags. This will help you get the most out of your investment without taking a loss because the technology does not deliver the results you were hoping for.

Be aware some companies offer RFID solutions and market them as a “one-stop shop” with everything you need in one box. To have a functional RFID system that will provide a return on your investment, your company should consider its exact environmental conditions and conduct scientific testing on the tags and readers themselves so you can choose the right type of RFID system.

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RFID System Maintenance

It is important to consider maintenance costs when investing in an RFID system. Regular maintenance of the system’s hardware with routine component replacement, calibration, and updates to system software should be considered in the cost.

RFID Installation

The time needed to install an RFID system will greatly depend on the size of the system and the scope of the project. If the application is intended for asset tracking on fewer inventory items or assets using mobile readers, the system could be up and running in a matter of days. If your application is in a vast warehouse or facility with a large inventory or abundant amount of metal machinery, the installation could take weeks before the system is fully operational.

Is RFID a Viable Solution?

Ultimately, RFID tracking technologies give users better asset visibility. An RFID system that is deployed correctly can reach 99% or higher inventory accuracy levels. Any organization can achieve far greater levels of efficiency by having that degree of precision, visibility, and responsibility. It is incredibly valuable. Enhanced operational effectiveness typically results in increased output and lower labor expenses.

Tamarack® Products offers high-quality web finishing solutions, like our MVW Inline RFID inlay equipment that efficiently creates RFID labels, tickets, and tags in a single pass on a new or old Flexo press. The MVW Inline is servo-driven, which allows easy integration into your current press with operator-friendly controls.

Tamarack® Products delivers customizable, scalable, and modular RFID technology solutions with over 50 years of experience providing customers with innovative web-finishing equipment. Contact us to learn more about the MVW Inline RFID inlay insertion system and how it is a viable solution for your business.


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