Amazon Gets into the Game with UHF RFID Tags

Amazon Gets into the Game with UHF RFID Tags


Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) technology has been around for years and is used in a variety of industries, including packaging, labels, retail, warehouse management, and more. RFID allows wireless tracking and identification of items through a microchip that collects and stores data and is transmitted via a reader device and then analyzed and stored. RFID technology has come a long way over the years, and its applications continue to evolve.

Amazon and UHF RFID Tags

Amazon is changing the way people shop using Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology. The retail giant wanted to find a way to make the shopping experience more streamlined for their customers and eliminate the need to stand in long lines while waiting to make purchases. What they came up with is a Just Walk Out technology store that allows customers to walk around, select what items they want to purchase, and then just walk out of the store through an exit gate after tapping their debit or credit card or using the Amazon One palm recognition device.

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This new RFID application delivers automated points of sale and frictionless shopping for their customers while enabling retailers to maximize their product selection. Passive UHF RFID technology allows retailers to identify and monitor what items are being selected from shelves and purchased by consumers as they exit the store.

Several stadiums and arenas have used RFID-based systems for their clothing and product concessions and have seen a drastic increase in revenue and transactions. Certain environments such as airports, concerts, or sporting events require a modernized and efficient process for purchasing merchandise, food, or other items to maximize sales. Oftentimes, consumers have paid a good amount of money to attend these events or simply do not have the time to stand in lines waiting to checkout. Implementing RFID technology allows companies to capture sales they normally would miss out on due to time constraints.

Amazon RFID Services

The first step retailers and business owners must take is to attach an RFID tag to their products. Amazon offers an RFID tagging service, along with printers and the technology needed for retailers to tag their merchandise as new items come in. Amazon will also provide retailers with the RFID exit gate featuring an antenna array and device reader that only stores that specific retailer’s merchandise.

Once the technology is live, the device reader can begin identifying the RFID tags. Items that are within the reader’s range can be identified as leaving the store or still displayed for consumers to pick up and purchase. All consumers must do is tap their credit/debit card upon exiting the gate or have their palm scanned.

The system collects the data from the item and links it with their payment method for purchasing. That means customers who shop at these locations do not need to be personally identified, allowing for a more efficient checkout process. Customers can then sign onto their Amazon account and view all their purchases.

This RFID technology solution only requires an antenna array and exit gate reader, allowing Amazon to provide the system with a lower price point than most computer-vision systems.

RFID Inlay Insertion Equipment

Tamarack® Products understands the importance of quality and efficiency to business operations and offers simple solutions with dependable, high-quality converting and web-finishing equipment. Our MVW Inline RFID inlay insertion equipment is modular, scalable, and servo-driven with operator-friendly controls and simple installation that can be easily integrated into your current press.

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