Folder-Gluer 101 | Tamarack® Products

Folder-Gluer 101 | Tamarack® Products

A folder gluer is web finishing equipment that does just that, folds a flat piece of material into a finished product, and glues it where needed. A folder gluer is typically combined with a die-cutter and other equipment to fully automate the process of folding and gluing boxes. Many industries utilize folder gluers such as printing, envelope making, and packaging applications.

Folding carton manufacturers or finishing companies interested in folder gluers have several considerations to choose the best equipment for their projects.

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Considerations for Using Folder Gluers

A variety of materials can be used with folder gluers, such as corrugated, paperboard, varnished boards, plastic material, and more. The most common types of materials used are corrugated and paperboard for manufacturing various types of envelopes and boxes. Paperboard folding carton applications allow for greater variety than using corrugated material and require a folder gluer with versatile capabilities to produce a wide range of carton types.

Some specialty folder gluer equipment can be designed to create special folds for various applications such as point-of-purchase displays and other shelf-ready packaging.

Types of Folder Gluers

There are basically two types of folder gluers, a regular folder gluer that simply joins slotted and scored materials together as materials are stacked and fed into the folding gluing sections. The other type is a flexo folder gluer that is part of a flexo press which is a straight-line system. A flexo-converting system can automate the entire process, including printing, scoring, and slotting boxes prior to the folding and gluing.

Advantages of Folder Gluers

Incorporating a folder gluer on your flexo press significantly increases productivity by speeding up the entire workflow. Folder gluers provide high-speed precision that far outpaces even the most efficient employee. This can reduce operational costs by automating tasks that once required manual labor. Optimizing your folder gluers to provide the most efficient operation on your flexible press with the right type of belts and proper maintenance maximizes quality and efficiency.

Flexo Folder Gluers Customized to Your Process

Tamarack® Products offers solutions to converters with folder gluers that can be installed on your new or existing flexo press. Folder gluers provide solutions to flexible packaging and folding carton production companies. Tamarack’s Versa Web P500 inline integrated labeling machine affixes laminates and transfer tapes for integrated labels, forms, and cards.

The inline Vista Window Patcher provides solutions for both short-run and high-volume carton folding jobs with folder gluers to efficiently finish your project with high quality and precision.

Tamarack® Products offers exceptional technical ability with more than 50 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing finishing equipment customized to our customer’s requirements. We provide service and support and differ from other finishing equipment suppliers with our responsiveness to customer needs. Our technicians work closely with customers, providing equipment installation, testing, and on-site training to ensure ongoing success.

Tamarack was founded in 1969 and is recognized as an industry leader in providing high-quality, customized finishing equipment. We provide advantages with modular and scalable equipment features as your market develops. Contact us with any questions on selecting the right type of finishing equipment and folder gluers for your business operations.


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