Creating Custom Die-Cut Package Labels

Creating Custom Die-Cut Package Labels

Custom die-cut package labels are different from labels that are already cut on a sheet before printing. Die-cut labels are not printed on a sheet with clearly defined, cut labels but are instead printed on a blank sheet of material, and then the custom label is cut out on the sheet.

When Should I Consider Custom Die Cut Labels?

Custom die-cut labels are not always necessary, although they do provide a solution for companies wanting a particular label shape or design. Your label or form converting company may already have a stock of common die shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, circles, and other common shapes. If you want a label in a custom shape, however, like the shape of your logo, you will likely require a custom die.

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Advantages of Custom Die Cut Labels

Producing labels in a custom shape, like the shape of a wine bottle for a bottling company or any custom logo shape, gives your products or mailings a unique look. Custom labels enhance your brand awareness and allow companies to get creative with fun shapes that make a statement. Creating custom die-cut labels allows companies to stand out from the competition with unique labels that attract consumers.

You might spend more on custom labels, although when applied to high-volume bulk production, it can be quite affordable. This may vary depending on the type of die-cutting method used, such as flatbed, laser, or rotary die-cutting.

Work with an Experienced Label Converter

Creating custom, die-cut labels can be a complex process, but working with an experienced label designer and converter should provide successful results. Creating die-cut labels requires an intricate cutting process with machinery and equipment designed for precision. Even minuscule shifts of the sheet material can create big problems and lead to quality problems or scrap. A skilled label company will have the experience and the equipment to meet your needs with high-quality and accurate die-cutting placement for perfect label runs.

Creating a custom die to cut out unique labels will require added costs initially and could add some production time to your project, so be sure to talk about total expenses and lead times if you are on a tight schedule. Creating custom die-cut labels, however, adds many benefits with unique packaging designs that stand out from your competition, which is a big advantage.

Integrated Labeling Equipment

Converters rely on specialized labeling equipment when creating custom, integrated labels. Tamarack® Products has been providing high-quality labeling solutions for the forms and labeling industries for more than 50 years. Many converters rely on Tamarack’s precision-integrated labeling equipment to create integrated forms, cards and labels or to affix windows, holograms, or scratch-off materials.

The P500 Inline On Flexo Press Integrated Labeling Equipment is servo driven to simplify integrating with your press and provides high speed up to 500 ft/ min. The P500 Inline Integrated Labeling Equipment also offers offline configurations and custom production with special web path programming.

Tamarack’s Versa Web SE Offline Integral Labeling Equipment produces offline integrated or integral labels, cards, or forms and affixes specialty materials like holograms, scratch-off, magnets, or other roll-fed materials to a variety of promotional products.

Tamarack® Products has been an industry leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality, specialized inline, and offline web finishing equipment. We offer integrated labeling solutions as well as RFID inlay production, window patching solutions, and more. Contact us with any questions on integrated labeling equipment for your custom label printing process.


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