Utilizing Color Management Software with Flexo Printing

Utilizing Color Management Software with Flexo Printing

Utilizing Color Management Software with Flexo Printing

Color is vital to memory performance and is strategically used in marketing strategies because it can increase brand recognition. Color management is also a vital part of company branding and marketing. People associate color with brands, so the need for color to be accurate and consistent in printing plays a fundamental role in a company’s overall success.

What is Color Management Software?

The flexographic process proves difficult to reproduce and communicate color due to the many unique characteristics of dot gains, substrate variety, and few ink hue standards. Color Management Systems (CMS) is software that is used to ensure the consistency of colors amid output and input devices so originals match the printed colors.

CMS assists with communication between the colors depicted on the computer monitor and proofing devices and the colors the printing press can produce. With such a wide color array produced by color monitors, designers need to be aware of the possible color ranges available on the computer they are using.

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Range of Colors

Color specialists can test flexographic presses with color management software, using controlled conditions, and using the same materials, plates, and inks to ensure the result will match the original colors that are desired. This is especially important from a marketing perspective from companies that are easily identified through their colorful logo or marketing materials.

Tests are conducted and entered using the CMS software which will build a press profile from that data. Due to the color being affected by different substrates, new tests must be conducted each time a new substrate is introduced. Test targets are used to build profiles from standard color data which can be used to calibrate the flexographic press, input, and output devices.

Samples are printed and analyzed to measure dot gain, color density, and colorimetric values and the data is entered in the CMS where it can identify which devices need to be adjusted for color matching. CMS software can recalibrate the monitors and digital proofing devices to compare the output with the output expected for the true press run.

Color Management Proofing

Sometimes color matching or halftone proofing can be tedious and inaccurate. Some proofing methods may not be suitable for all substrates or to reproduce flexo dot gain. To ensure accurate proofing, a combination of methods may be required.

Substrates can absorb color differently, so there is a limited number of substrates that are compatible with proofing methods. Spot colors are frequently inaccurately produced because most proofing methods use toner. Certain printers can offer a color catalog that indicates which colors can be consistently printed using a range of substrates.

Benefits of Color Management Software

Color management software delivers assurance that your selection of colors shows consistency from the digital output to the final physical output. CMS eliminates unwanted surprises when a print order is received that looks nothing like what your company ordered. Consistency is key. CMS offers cost-effective benefits by delivering consistent results with no discrepancy in colors, time and time again.

The proper care and maintenance of your flexographic printing equipment is a key component of operations and can help avoid printing defects. Tamarack® Products is an experienced expert who can provide consultation and understanding of your flexo equipment.

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