Tips For A Successful Hot Melt Glue Run

Tips For A Successful Hot Melt Glue Run

direct mailer with a pre-glued edge

Return mailers such as reply envelopes and postcards are often provided to customers with a pre-glued edge to make folding and mailing more convenient. This promotes a response to requests for information and enhances customer service with a convenient method to return order forms or packing labels. Remoistenable glue is a cost-effective technique incorporated into many direct-mail campaigns as part of the printing and form making process.

Cold Remoistenable Glue

Cold remoistenable, water-soluble glues have been used for decades although are known for challenges with application. Cold remoistenable glues are applied with a blanket or a wheel and application pads which dictate the direction of the glue application and the size of the glue strip. Cold remoistenable glue, however, requires heat to dry which can cause difficulties such as curling of the paper. During the application method, the beginning end of the glue strip can be thicker which causes an uneven end product and may cause pieces to stick together.

Hot Melt Extruded Remoistenable Glue

Newer printing technologies exist today in the use of Hotmail, extruded remoistenable glue allows for web finishing equipment without heat set required and efficient sheetfed web printers to produce high-quality mailers. The use of extruded hot melt remoistenable glue efficiently produces high quality mailers and direct reply forms even with short runs.

Extruded hot melt remoistenable glue application eliminates the challenges with cold remoistenable glue such as no paper curl or ragged edges. Hot melt extruded glue applications utilize precise motion detection with computerized control for precision application and placement not achievable with cold glue application. Hot glue also provides a more professional, smooth appearance unmatched with cold glue application.

Tips For A Successful Hot Melt Glue Run

Companies in the forms and mailers industry can improve their extruded hot melt glue application with the following tips:

  • Apply in a humidity controlled environment – when applying remoistenable, water-soluble glues, a climate controlled environment is a must particularly in locations with high humidity. Silica gel packs can help and should be included with packaging.
  • Avoid applying over heavy ink – remoistenable glue is used on various types of printed material, although paper saturated with heavy ink can hinder successful adhesion.
  • Check paper coatings and weight of paper – remoistenable glue may adhere well to paper that is either coated or uncoated when using paper of 60-lb. weight or more. Paper that is uncoated and porous may require more glue whereas paper with a varnish coating could prevent adhesion altogether.
  • Avoid flatbed trimming – flatbed trimming should be avoided as it could require small lifts which may create tears and could prove inefficient.
  • Design the layout with glue strips in mind – for jobs that require more than one strip of glue, make sure that they do not touch each other when packaging. Stagger the glue strips to prevent them adhering to each other during packaging and shipping.

Finishing Equipment Solutions for Direct Mailers and Forms

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