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What is the correct RFID inlay tag placement?

The correct placement of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) inlay tags is crucial to ensure their effective functionality in various industries, including shipping and packaging. Here are key considerations for RFID inlay tag placement:

  • Customer Accessibility: When placing RFID tags on items, ensure that customers can easily remove the tag after purchasing the product. If the RFID tag is sewn onto clothing or attached to an item, it should be designed for easy removal by the customer, such as by tearing it off.
  • Single Tag per Item: Each product or item should have only one RFID tag. In cases where packaged items contain multiple components within a single box, the RFID tag should be affixed to the main UPC or the primary packaging to prevent confusion.
  • Inlay Stickers: If your business uses RFID inlay stickers, these stickers can be placed on the packaging of the product, as long as they are not easily removable. This ensures that the tag remains with the product throughout its lifecycle.
  • Avoid Covering Images or Text: RFID tags should not obscure any images or text on the product, including important information like the item’s country of origin. Suppliers can choose to print the product’s country of origin on the RFID sticker if necessary.
  • Readability: It is essential that the RFID inlay tag remains readable by RFID reader devices. Avoid placing staples, folds, perforations, or die cuts on the tag that could hinder its readability.
  • Boxed Items and Polybags: For products packaged in boxes or polybags, RFID inlays should not be placed on the bottoms of these parcels. Additionally, RFID tags should not overlap with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags, which are commonly used for theft prevention.
  • Consider Label Selection: When dealing with RFID “smart labels,” it’s important to select the correct labels that align with the intended inlay placement. This choice ensures proper functionality and compatibility with your RFID-capable printer.
  • Label Sourcing and Delays: To prevent sourcing delays and ensure proper inlay placement, order labels that correspond to the desired inlay positioning for your printer. This avoids complications and production interruptions.

Proper RFID inlay tag placement is critical to achieving the benefits of RFID technology, such as increased workplace productivity, error reduction, and cost-effectiveness. By following these guidelines, businesses can optimize their RFID tagging processes and enhance their operational efficiency. Contact Tamarack today.


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