The New Look of Narrow Web Printing

The New Look of Narrow Web Printing

Narrow Web finishing

Narrow web printing systems allow companies to produce fast, high-quality print jobs on smaller scales. This helps to free up warehouse space and hold less inventory on hand. Web finishing equipment makes it easy to save smaller print jobs for future runs of similar quantity and quality. Create presets and reuse different components of different production jobs at interchangeable times.

Web finishing equipment, integrated web systems, and flexography systems are all increasing the desire for companies, both large and small, to invest in the installment of this type of label printing production machinery equipment. Sustainable, cost-effective, and high-quality automation are a few of the leading reasons why narrow web printing is gaining in popularity and usage.

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Sustainable and Cost Efficient

Narrow web printing is the new, sustainable way of printing, increasing in popularity for a few major reasons. Less expensive equipment for smaller jobs provides savings on capital investments, making it more cost-effective for smaller companies. Other sustainable options include UV ink curing, which promotes quicker dry times and lessens the exposure to VOC emissions. Less impact on the environment and fewer company expenses equate to a win/win scenario.

Narrow Web vs. Wide Web

The narrow web printing market is increasing in popularity as smaller companies performing smaller print volumes are in need of affordable, less expensive equipment. Narrow web printing quite literally means smaller or “narrower” printing rolls on rotary devices, often printing on rotary presses processes webs of 16” or less. Wide web printing systems focus on high volumes and at higher speeds for larger production jobs or repeat business materials.

The smaller affixing equipment and web finishing machines can offer the same speeds with up to 500 ft/min or more without forfeiting quality. Tamarack® offers servo-driven equipment such as the Versa Web P500 that comes in the 13” width, can be installed on your existing printing press or with new equipment, and offers inline or offline options.


Automation is the most motivating factor in the decision to switch to using narrow web printing systems. The ease of use and customizable options alone will decrease production time. Less manual labor needed in keeping the equipment running will create faster turnover times. In turn, the less time required to change gears, clean pieces of the system, and replace them for several factors of the printing production system is what makes fully automated systems preferable. Automated integrated web systems even allow for the change of gears at a touch of a button and have notification alerts to signal when different components of the production system need maintenance and/or changed in or out, which it then does for you also.

Tamarack® Products offers more than 50 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality, specialized machinery used in many different markets for business forms, packaging, and label industries. We differ from other web finishing equipment manufacturers in our technical expertise and ability to customize equipment to meet our customers’ demands. Contact us with any questions on how to improve your narrow web printing processes.


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