Packaging Design Trends

Packaging Design Trends

Packaging Design Trends

Trends continue to evolve in the packaging industry with several hot topics leading the way in 2022. According to a report published by FACHPACK, the Trendradar 2021 report highlighted several key areas that are transforming the packaging industry over the next five years. Some of the most important considerations include:

    • Packaging design

● Recyclable packaging materials
● Mono materials for separability
● Functional packaging

Packaging Design

Packaging design is central to all other trends including sustainability. Packagers are continually looking for ways to design or redesign packaging equipment that reduces energy usage, waste levels, and environmental impact.

Recyclable Packaging Materials

The use of recyclable materials continues to increase as consumers demand environmental responsibility from brands they choose to purchase and remain loyal to. The use of recycled plastic and recycling plastic waste represents a substantial decrease in carbon emissions and helps to minimize the use of primary raw materials.

Increased Use Of Monomaterials For Separability And Recyclability

Monomaterials are packaging materials that are comprised of a single type of material, which could be plastic, fabric, metal, glass, or other materials. They are easier to recycle because they are made of one type of material. The use of monomaterials with packaging improves separability for recycling and some European environmental agencies require a high percentage of monomaterials in packaging.

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Functional Packaging for Consumer Added Value

Functional packaging is designed to provide added value to consumers such as ease of use or convenience. Functional packaging may include solutions for reclosure, intelligent labeling technologies, pressure-sensitive films, or creative packaging solutions.

Companies in nearly every industry must continually evaluate their packaging choices and improve processes to meet the changing demands of their consumer base and society, as well as environmental considerations.

Improved Packaging Technology Solutions

Packaging that incorporates these trends provides a greater appeal to consumers, boosting brand awareness and loyalty. Highly efficient finishing equipment that creates packages such as folding cartons, window envelopes, and integrated forms with efficiency and less waste helps packagers to meet these growing demands.

Tamarack® Products has been providing finishing equipment that meets the needs of the packaging industry with efficiency and accuracy. Tamarack’s Vista® Window Patcher is an in-line window patching system that provides solutions to the packaging industry with efficient production of specialty cartons, rigid windows, susceptor patches, or affixing liners. This in-line window patching system is efficient for both short-run and high-volume folding carton jobs with quick setup, easy cleanup, and excellent patch registration accuracy.

Tamarack’s finishing equipment is modular with Servo-driven technology, designed to grow with your business. Our experienced team of technicians works with you to customize and adapt your web finishing packaging equipment to meet your unique needs.

Tamarack® offers more than 50 years of experience and an effective customer service and engineering team always available to support your packaging needs. Our modular equipment supports your packaging, direct mailing, and labeling or integrated form processes now and in the future. Contact us to learn more about meeting the hottest packaging trends with efficient and flexible in-line and off-line finishing equipment.


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