Functional Packaging Trends

Functional Packaging Trends

Window Patching Package Trends

Functional packaging is an increasingly popular trend for brand owners that are adding value to the hurried lifestyles of consumers. Innovative packaging solutions include pressure-sensitive re-closures, stick-packed, and flexible pouches. These features provide various benefits to consumers, including convenience, ease of use, and increased confidence in the freshness of their purchased products.

Some of the most prominent trends in functional packaging include the following:

    • Freshness
    • Ease-of-use
    • Convenience
    • Sustainability
    • Storability
    • Protection
    • Transparency

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Freshness And Packaging

Packaging that provides a secure seal ensures that products last longer. According to a study conducted by Avery Dennison, 68% of consumers surveyed listed freshness as a key packaging feature, and 82% of consumers consider freshness an important factor when food shopping.

Ease of Use

Packaging that opens easily without the need to use scissors or tools is another trend consumers value, with more than half of consumers seeking features that allow the ability to reseal and close packaging.


Consumers value convenient packaging, such as single-serve options and packaging that adds convenience to their lifestyle.


More than half of consumers surveyed value packaging that minimizes and eliminates waste. Consumers also appreciate recyclable packaging and printed directions on how to recycle the packaging they purchased.


The ability to store products in packaging that protects the contents is a desirable feature for consumers.


Packaging that ensures the contents are safely protected is important to shoppers. With an increasing trend for online shopping, consumers appreciate packaging that shields their items from physical damage during shipping.


Transparent packaging is another feature of functional packaging that adds value to a brand portfolio. Consumers like to see the contents inside of the package they’re buying and verify that it looks exactly like what they are expecting. Shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if they are reassured they are getting exactly what they want. Clear windows are a great way to appeal to consumers through functional packaging.

These are some of the top trends in functional packaging that complement the busy lives of consumers and alleviate stressful and time-consuming shopping experiences. Consumers want to focus on what matters most, such as family, career, and other commitments, without worrying about products they regularly purchase. Another noticeable trend is that consumers are willing to pay a premium for functional packaging that delivers the features they are looking for.

Window Patching Solutions

Converting companies that provide packaging solutions through rolls of material are addressing these trends carefully and thoughtfully to appeal to the real-life challenges of consumers. Convertors utilizing web finishing equipment add value to their products with window patching equipment like the Vista® In-Line Window Patching Equipment from Tamarack® Products. This in-line window patching system combines carton windowing and gluing in a single pass by installing on existing or new folder gluers.

The Vista® reduces labor expenses and saves floor space with an innovative design that delivers high quality with exceptional window registration. Convertors can experience a reduction in film material costs with the ability to reduce film size due to highly accurate window patch placement and the use of excellent adhesives.

Tamarack® Products offers more than 50 years of experience in providing customized and flexible equipment solutions for the packaging, forms, and label-making industries. We differ from other web finishing equipment manufacturers in our level of technical expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn how we can design, engineer, and manufacture web finishing equipment that meets your unique packaging demands.


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