The Uses For Integrated Labels

The Uses For Integrated Labels

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Companies in the shipping and packaging industry have seen a boost in e-commerce sales in recent years, and their need for easy and fast dispatch solutions has become greater as each year passes. Integrated labels have provided companies with a way of streamlining the shipping process while making customer returns an easier process.

What is an Integrated Label?

Integrated labels are simply labels that have been integrated into sheets of paper and are also known as shipping labels, integral labels, and peel-out labels. A portion of the sheet is a label with a robust adhesive on one side, while the rest of the sheet is just paper. The entire sheet can be printed on, which adds to their versatility and available applications.

Integrated labels are typically printed on an A4 size sheet but can be customized to any size to fit your business needs. This versatility makes them cost-effective and promotes efficiency during the order processing stage.

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The Uses for Integrated Labels

Many different industries can use integrated labels because of the flexibility they offer. Typically, they are used for product delivery or services and can increase workplace productivity and increase accuracy. Integrated labels can be used for shipping/return labels, promotional labels, and invoices. Other applications for integrated labels include:

  • Shipping documents
  • Bullet labels
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Informational labels
  • Packing slips
  • Delivery notes
  • Dispatch labels

Integrated Label Benefits

There are many benefits to companies when they use integrated labels in their business processes. They can be completely customized and used for numerous business needs, allowing companies to drastically improve efficiency and productivity because both documents can be printed at once. Other benefits of using integrated labels include:

  • Reduction in errors and improved accuracy
  • Personalization and customizable
  • Easy to use and hassle-free
  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Exact color matching for branding

Personalizing your shipping labels and invoices gives companies the ability to ensure their branding is consistent and enhances their brand identity on all documents. More and more companies are turning to personalization and customization when creating their marketing materials because it enhances and increases brand awareness. Being able to produce an exact color match on materials is crucial for any brand.

Integrated labels allow businesses to be creative and showcase their branding while remaining within the company branding parameters.

Integrated Label Production

Typically, integrated labels can be made as one, two, or three labels on a single sheet and with the option of a removable or permanent adhesive. This flexibility gives companies the ability to use them for practically any business need. You can also add a protective layer of laminate over the top of the integrated labels to provide an additional layer of protection.

On average, it takes approximately 10-15 workdays for integrated label turnaround. If a business is using the same size and prints on the labels, that can help speed up the turnaround time on future orders.

Printing Solutions with Integrated Labeling Equipment

Tamarack® Products specializes in durable web-finishing equipment and is recognized as an industry leader with over 50 years of experience. Tamarack’s® Versa Web P500 can be fully customized to produce in-line integrated labels in a variety of sizes to be used in a wide array of applications, with the optional integration of our RFID inlay insertion system. Choosing between using hot melt glue or transfer tape can increase cost-effectiveness for short runs or high-volume production.

Tamarack’s® Versa Web P500 integrated labeling equipment is fully scalable, modular, and customizable and delivers printing solutions to a variety of applications and industries. Automated and Servo-driven, the P500 boasts easy installation into your new or existing press with user-friendly controls. Contact us to learn more about our P500 and the many applications of integrated labels.


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