Bottlenecks Between Printing and Finishing Processes

Bottlenecks Between Printing and Finishing Processes

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Printing forms, direct mailings, labels, and packages often require multiple processes in addition to the ink printing with finishing options such as adding a window on envelopes, removable stickers, scratch-off sections, RFID inserts, or other processes. In the past, the area between Digital printing and finishing processes could quickly become a bottleneck in the entire process. Printing alone can be done rather quickly, although numerous types of web finishing applications could create bottlenecks that crippled efficiency.

As the saying goes, time is money, and lost time equals lost money. Eliminating this bottleneck area has been a focal point of many web finishing processes. With innovative in-line and off-line finishing equipment, it is now possible to drastically improve printing and finishing processes with no bottlenecks dragging down efficiency.

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Overcoming the Bottlenecks between Printing and Finishing

Legacy printing presses often produced printed products at lightning speeds with finishing equipment that simply couldn’t keep up. As market demands for improved delivery dates, short runs with quick turnaround, and post-press processes increased, manufacturers had to introduce innovative finishing equipment to meet customer demands.

Printing processes with finishing needs today include equipment that is designed to be more streamlined than in years past, with fewer touch points. Innovative finishing equipment drastically reduces or eliminates bottlenecks and fewer touch points lead to fewer operator errors and reduced downtime.

In addition to fewer touch points with in-line finishing processes, innovative finishing equipment has become much faster without sacrificing quality, reliability, or accuracy. Finishing equipment provides a variety of processes quickly, often in a single pass within the same high-volume, efficient production application.

Considerations When Pairing Finishing Equipment with Digital Presses

There are a few considerations when pairing finishing equipment with Digital presses, in addition to equipment manufacturer and web format size. Whether configured in-line or off-line, streamlined workflows with reduced manual touch points improve efficiency.

Depending on the process, companies may need to run two finishing lines to match the work coming off of one printing press line, this can ensure that folders/gluers are operating at maximum capacity without downtime waiting for a finishing press to keep up.

Evaluating ink choices such as waterborne or UV inks can make a difference in ink curing time. Speaking with an experienced ink supplier or web finishing manufacturer can help you determine the right type of ink and substrates for your project.

Innovative finishing suppliers today are answering the need for increased automation and productivity with innovative, multifunctional machines that set a new standard in the finishing industry.

Tamarack® Products Offers Efficient Web Finishing Solutions

Tamarack® Products is a leading supplier of innovative web finishing equipment, differentiated from other suppliers with value-added services including customization, installation, service, and support. Tamarack designs, engineers, and manufacturers’ quality equipment used in the forms, labels, and packaging industries with customized, modular finishing solutions. We offer more than 50 years of experience in producing quality finishing equipment for die-cutting, patching, gluing, and other value-added elements with cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Tamarack excels in meeting our customers’ unique requirements with customized, scalable, and modular web finishing equipment to keep up with current demands and prepare for expansion without the need to purchase new equipment. We offer modular equipment solutions for the creation of integrated labels, forms, magnets, scratch-off patches, windshield stickers, and more to the forms and direct mail industry.

Our RFID inlay insertion system provides efficient production of RFID tags, labels, cards, or tickets used in many industries and applications. As a valued supplier to the packaging industry, our finishing equipment is used for window patching such as for career envelopes or rigid windowing, microwave packaging, susceptor patches, and more.

Tamarack® Products differs from other finishing equipment suppliers with responsiveness to customer needs and the ability to provide customized and modular equipment solutions. We listen carefully to your product requirements and work together to develop an efficient production solution. Contact us to learn more about cost-effective finishing solutions that eliminate bottlenecks in your print-to-finish process.