Better Labeling For Pharmaceuticals

Better Labeling For Pharmaceuticals

Labeling For Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry along with home and personal care items is stronger than ever and important trends are impacting choices in labeling. The dynamics of the market, brand strategies, and sustainability are affecting product labeling and film choices. Poised for ambitious growth, pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and home and personal care (HPC) brands are partnering with strong labeling companies to meet growing global demands.

Trends in Pharmaceutical Labeling

Labeling for pharmaceuticals, OTC, HPC, and nutraceuticals is continually evolving with safety a key issue in light of the global pandemic. Secure label stock is critical to meet growing demands and trends for consumer safety. Pharmaceutical companies and brands need management agreements with labeling partners to ensure quality materials will continue to be available without change and to make sure they have adequate time to requalify new materials.

Other concerns and trends include the need for sustainable packaging. Pharmaceutical companies and brands in just about every industry are recognizing the need for sustainable packaging including labeling. Sourcing labels with recycled or resource-optimized content is important and an easy way for brands to begin their transition to sustainable packaging. This is particularly true if moving from a standard film label to a recycled label. This impact can be significant with the high volume of labels used in pharmaceutical applications.

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Smart Labeling Solutions and Data-Driven Sales Strategies

Another trend by HPC brands in addition to seeking sustainable solutions is to implement data-driven sales strategies that collect sales data and personalize the customer experience. Innovative smart labels give unique digital identifiers to individual products to connect consumers to them through an online experience.

Moving from fossil-based products to post-consumer recycled content for labels in addition to transitioning to renewable raw materials for packaging is an important step in meeting the global demand for sustainability. A few important factors are driving the trends toward sustainable packaging such as:

  • The packaging industry recognizes the significance of label compatibility with various recycling processes
  • There is increasing global concern regarding the impact of packaging on the environment.
  • More information is available with industry knowledge and education about recycling processes and ways to support them.

Many packaging and labeling companies have taken notice and are offering a range of sustainable packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, HPC, and OTC products. These packaging and labeling solutions still provide consumer safety with tamper-evident, migration-safe packaging. HPC brands are finding sustainable solutions with labeling that includes thin, clear films, cross-platform printability, abrasion and chemical resistance, and stable films with high-speed dispensing.

Tamarack® Offers Quality Label Making Equipment

Tamarack® Products offers more than 50 years of experience in producing specialized equipment used in the label application, packaging, and business form industries. We offer integrated labeling systems for integrated labels, forms and cards. Our web finishing equipment is proven to increase efficiency and productivity in many packaging, direct forms, and label applications.

Tamarack® offers specialized equipment engineered to be flexible with modularity to grow with your business. Our experienced technicians provide installation and quality service with in-depth knowledge of servo-driven technology. Contact us to learn more about meeting your sustainable labeling requirements with high-quality, in-line and off-line film and window patching equipment.


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